Junior Youth Club (ages 5-7)

The JYC is a fun and energetic group who meets two times per month on a Saturday evening for games, activities, crafts and food!

KICK IT! Kids in Christ’s Kingdom in Thornhill (ages 8-10)

This spirited group meets two times per month on the same Saturday evening as the JYC for fun and fellowship and food!  Some activities include games, sports, crafts, cooking, movie nights, bowling, music and discussion.

Intermediate Adventure Group (ages 11-13)

This enthusiastic group meets one or two Saturdays a month for various fun and exciting social activities.  These might include games, sports and cooking.

F3:  Faith, Fellowship and Fun (High School)

This Senior Youth Group at TPC meets twice a month on a Sunday evening at the church (except for summer months).  Fun activities, team building, games, discussion, worship, music and food.  Other events include digital scavenger hunts, bowling, laser quest, pool parties, BBQ’s and mission projects.  This group enjoys going on a bi-annual retreat.


For information on any of these groups please contact Nadine Calfa, Administrator

Phone: 905-889-5391 or admin@tpchurch.net