Do you like to Sing and Learn new things?

You are invited to

Sing Sessions!


The last Sunday of the month, from July until December.

In Fellowship Hall 15 minutes after service end.


30 minutes of instruction by Dan plus Psalm, Hymn, and

Spiritual Song singing

July 30

Congregational singing for worship in general. Brief history

of how and when early, European, non-clergy church goers began

singing in worship services. What they sang in the main Christian

traditions, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed continental,

Reformed British Isles “high” church and “low” church.

August 20

Psalms of David, Moses, etc. The three major categories

of songs for singing in worship as mentioned in the New Testament.

Examples of sung Psalms in the major Christian traditions.

September 24

 Hymns. Brief discussion of church doctrine and

theology vs. personal songs of faith. Examples of hymns of the

major Christian traditions as mentioned above.

October 29

Spiritual songs. Brief discussion of the meaning of

personal faith songs. Pros and cons of their use. Performance vs.

personal faith expression. Examples of spiritual songs.

November 26

 Liturgical elements. The purpose of liturgy in worship,

“pericopes,” and the 3-year Scripture cycle vs. free-form worship or

“no plan.” Examples of liturgical songs or elements in worship.

December 31

Christmas carols. Classic hymn forms and spiritual

song versions. Why “carols” are oftentimes a little bit different from

standard hymns and Psalms. Examples of various kinds of

Christmas carols.

At each session, we will end with 10 minutes of participants

choosing their favorite hymns/songs for us to sing!